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recent work

thin Blak line (red and whitewash) traces the movement of the "black line" across lutruwita and challenges the viewer to reach beyond the geography of the whitewashed medium. It is an act of careful 'looking at' including the mediums and traditions that reinforce our own complicity within the genocidal colonial progrom. The question of cartography, re-presentation of history, information and imagery in the colonial project is posed. 

The work was created on an 1830s reproduction map of Lutruwita (Tasmania). Red acrylic paint was used in to map the military operation of the 1832 "Black Line" and then whitewash was applied to create an opaque scultural effect. It is displayed on a lightbox with a timer that flickers between off and on, providing glimpses of a very different picture underneath the whitewash. Both primary resources and the medium are weaponised in this critique of the colonial project.

All modes of re-presentation are steeped in political and social meaning. Engaging in a critical appraisal of this meaning opens the door to radical conversations around the structures that frame our society, our views and our ways of seeing.

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