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What's so special about gold and steel?

Fusing gold to steel is a process practiced by only a handful of artisans across the globe. Steel and gold are the oil and water of the metal world - traditionally they don't mix - however this technique allows for an incredibly resilient product with dramatic shifts in colour and texture. The Edie Black technique of combining fused steel and gold with heat patinas is utterly unique. Every inch of these creations is handtooled and handformed. They are a labour of love. Each piece is utterly unique. 

Unlike gold plating, or kuem bo (practices that achieve similar aesthetic results on silver), the gold is fused, becoming a part of the steel, so that the finished piece retains all the strength and resilience of steel whilst featuring stunning splashes of 22 karat gold. The dramatic heat patinas possible on steel cannot be replicated on silver without the use of chemicals and finishing agents. Gold plated jewelry will wear off as a natural process of wear and tear. Fused gold will not.

While each piece is unique, pieces can also be made to your specifications. Email to discuss.

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